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    Joist Hangers & Timber Connectors

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    Picture of Sph STD Joist Hanger 200 x 150mm

    Sph STD Joist Hanger 200 x 150mm

    Single piece, non welded construction
    Non coaxial fixing holes
    600g/m2 galvanized coating
    Manufactured 10mm less to allow for notching/joist regularisation
    Fixing Type: Built in to masonry - No mechanical fixings required to wall. 3.75x30 square twisted nails to connect joist.
    Back of hanger must be tight against wall.
    Joists are to be cut square with a gap not exceeding 6mm from the rear of the hanger.
    A minimum 675mm of set masonry must be in place over support flange before loads are applied.
    Joist to be nailled through side gusset using 3.75x30mm square twisted nails.
    The underside of joists should be notched to provide a level surface for plasterboarding.
    Declared Loadbearing Capacity : 7.5kN SWL (SLS)
    Picture of Timber Connector - Double Sided - Galvanised

    Timber Connector - Double Sided - Galvanised

    **Sold Individually**

    Designed to increase the joint strength when bolting two pieces of timber together.