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    Picture of Wykamol Dryseal

    Wykamol Dryseal

    DrySeal has a unique, thixotropic consistency and excellent water-repellent properties on a range of building materials. As opposed to conventional liquid products, Dryseal can be applied in one working operation to achieve the desired loading for maximum effectiveness.

    Dependent on porosity, the effective siloxane ingredient deeply penetrates the substrate within a short period of time (between 30 minutes to several hours) where it reacts to become a polymer silicone resin.

    DrySeal also protections against pollutants and damage from frost and salt, and prevents water penetration even under wind pressure.

    Typical Coverage: approx. 20 - 25 m² in a one coat application, dependent on substrate porosity
    Picture of Wykamol Enviroseal

    Wykamol Enviroseal

    Enviroseal is a highly-effective, liquid based water repellent containing silicone emulsion for use above ground. It can be applied to multiple substrates, including porous brickwork, cement renderings, asbestos, cement or mineral boards, unglazed tiles, cast concrete, roughcast, stonework (including calcareous materials such as those containing limestone), wood, canvas and leather.

    Surfaces treated with Enviroseal remain permeable to vapour so that moisture within the structure does not remain trapped.

    Enviroseal is clear and colourless and will not normally alter the appearance of treated surfaces. In some cases, however, very slightly darkening may occur, so a small test area should be applied when appearance is critical.

    Depending upon the nature of the surface treated and conditions of exposure, two coats of Enviroseal can be effective for at least 10 years.
    Picture of Wykamol Fungicidal Additive

    Wykamol Fungicidal Additive

    MCS3 No More Mould Fungicidal Additive prevents the return of mould and mould spores after an area has been adequately treated by MCS1 Mould Clear Solution.

    MCS3 Fungicidal Additive can be added to all types of paint, wallpaper paste and grouts.
    Picture of Wykamol Mould Eradication Kit
    Picture of Wykamol Thermaldry Paint

    Wykamol Thermaldry Paint

    No More Damp Thermaldry is a styrene acrylic copolymet dispersion, water based paint, which is both thermally insulating and water repelling.

    Thermaldry incorporates Micro-Technology in the form of hollow glass beads, with a size of 50 um and a crush strength of 500 psi. The micro, hollow glass beads act like miniature 'Thermos Flasks', blocking thermal energy by reflecting it away from the wall and protecting the walls from damp, which causes moisture and therefore mould growth.

    All of these properties combined enables Thermaldry to increase the wall temperature, thus reducing the 'dew point' or the temperature at which condensation occurs.

    Ideal for use in:

    Utility Rooms
    Lintels over windows and doors which produce cold spots
    Cold walls and ceilings
    Industrial Applications